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Q&A about the Danish Tax System

The online event about the Danish Tax System Online is tailored for internationals living and working in Denmark

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Soon your tax assessment notice will be available to you. Sign up for the Danish Tax System Online Q&A, if you have questions about the tax assessment.

The online Q&A will be held live on March 16 and March 23 from 5 to 6.30 p.m. respectively where you will be able to ask the Danish Tax Agency your tax questions.

This Q&A is free of charge but registration is required!

Prepare for the live Q&A by watching a video on the Danish tax system made by the Confederation of Danish Industry, International House Copenhagen and the Danish Tax Agency.

The video gives you an introduction to the Danish tax system including what your tax money is spent on and how you pay the right amount of tax.

Watch the video The Danish Tax System (2021) here.