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Danish Language Education for Adults

The Lyngby-Taarbæk municipality offers a Danish language education for adult foreign citizens who both live and are registered in the civil register in the municipality

EU citizens who are cross-border commuters, that is EU citizens who work in Denmark but live outside Denmark, can also receive a Danish language education.

However, au-pairs and certain students do not have the same right to a Danish language education. If you are an EU citizen or if you have residence in Denmark based on studies or work, the Danish language education is including in an introductory course. If you are a refugee or have residence in Denmark based on family reunification, the Danish language Education is part of an integration programme.

You decide which language centre you which to attend to. The language centre will appoint you the relevant Danish language education programme depending on your educational background.

If you receive public benefits (financial support) from the municipality, it is the municipality who decides which language centre you should attend. Lyngby-Taarbæk municipality has an agreement with Hellerup Language Centre, which is located in the center of the municipality.   

Further information

The Danish language education is in general free, although category S participants have to pay a part of the education: 2.000 kr. per module (au-pairs are not included). The payment is non-refundable. Furthermore, category S participants have to pay a deposit of 1.250 kr. (au-pairs are not included) which is refunded when:

  • You have passed the module test for the module you have been appointed.    
  • You have passed the final test of the Danish language education programme.
  • You are no longer entitled to a Danish language education programme.
  • You wish to terminate your Danish language education programme.

On an average the Danish language education programme has a maximum of 15 hours per week within each initiated module for both category S and I participants.

The Danish language education period is of maximum 5 years in total for category I participants. For category S participants the total Danish language education period is of maximum 3,5 years within a period of 5 years.