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Danish language support for bilingual students

We support bilingual students from 1st to 10th grade

We strive for bilingual students to match the language level of their classmates who have Danish as their first language.

Our vision is that all bilingual children and young people feel included and as a part of the academic and social community of the school as well as benefit from the primary and lower secondary school.

Danish language support

  • Who can receive the Danish language support?

    Your child can receive support in Danish as a second language while the child is attending the ordinary classes. It is important that you talk with your child´s class teacher/ Danish teacher about the possibility of language support.

    Your child can receive Danish language support for up to two years if your child is attending 0 to 6th grade and needs support at a basic level.

    Three of the schools in the municipality offer classes of Danish as a second language:

    • 0-1st grade: Fuglsanggårdsskolen
    • 2nd-4th grade: Kongevejens Skole
    • 3rd-4th grade: Engelsborgskolen  
    • 5th-6th grade: Engelsborgskolen

    From 6th grade and onwards we refer students to KNord where they can attend Danish language classes at basic level.

    The language offer is aimed at young people who come to Denmark without any Danish knowledge and at the oldest students in the lower secondary school from 8th to 10th grade.  

  • Where can I sign up my child for Danish language support?

    It is the municipality´s bilingual coordinator who, in cooperation with you, recommends where your child should attend classes.

    The aim is to incorporate your child into an ordinary class where he/she will be included in the social community and at the same time learn Danish by Danish speaking students.

    The Danish language classes are at four levels. The goal is to guide the oldest bilingual students towards the final test in Danish in the lower secondary school.

    The younger students will start in an introductory class (velkomstklasse/modtagerklasse) and afterwards be incorporated in an ordinary school class where they will become part of the social and academic community.

    Information about the introductory class (velkomstklasse/modtagerklasse) can be obtained from the Head of the Language Area:

    Dorte Schløer - dsc@ltk.dk

General information about the Danish folkeskole and SFO

You can get general information about the primary and lower secondary school (Folkeskolen) in the publication from the Ministry of Education: Welcome to the Danish Folkeskole

After school hours your child can attend the SFO (School Leisure Program). You can read more about this in the folder from the Ministry of Education: “What does your child do in its leisure time?”

The folder is also available in: