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During Corona: Information on daycare and SFO/schools

Daycare and schools for all ages have opended

Daycare (children aged 0-6 years), 'specialskoler' and 'gruppeordninger'

Reopened on April 17th.


Schools reopened for 0 to 5 th graders on April 17th.

Per May 18 6 th to 10 th graders are back in school. Due to corona virus the school day will not be 'as usual'. Your childrens school will keep you updated via Aula (forældreintra).

Clubs after school

Fritidsklub (3 rd to 5 th grade) and ungdomsklub (6 th to 10 th grade) may be opening on May 28. Your childrens school will keep you updated via Aula (forældreintra).

Do you need counseling on how to handle the new everyday life?

The current situation with closures of schools and daycare has a big impact on everyday life of families with children.

If you see yourself in need to talk to someone please read more about how we can help you. This information is offered in English and Arabic.